Monday, July 18, 2016

Society's Never-ending Debate - Who is Plus Sized?

The debate continues about women who are curvier, heavier, plus sized...whatever your favorite terminology is for women who are not Size 0-14, or in the fashion world, Sizes X0-4! In 2014 I wrote about Designers who were confused about what plus size is and who also didn't want to dress women who were larger than a size 0.

Once again in 2016, this debate that constantly has us, full-figured, curvy women, being pitted against the woman who is a size zero or regular size is still an issue today because of the Fashion Models being used by Designers in their fashion shows, the looks of these women being deemed as Plus Size are just not plus size. These days most Designers are also refusing to dress actresses (Melissa McCarthy, and most recently Leslie Jones) who are not a size zero is such a thoughtless thing, this kind of insensitivity must end.
Models at Lanvin Paris Show
Photo: Maria Valentino-Washington Post

Seeing larger sized women in my favorite MagRags (Magazines) and on television is always very encouraging, and I love to see what they wear and how they put themselves together. Knowing that they are having such a hard time to look their best just because of another person who feels they are not the right size to wear their clothing, or to even have a stylist style their looks? Is not very encouraging to hear! Being a size 18, I don't always love my body, there are days when I really dislike my shape, my belly, my thighs, my knocked-knees, and even my gap-toothed smile.
DonnaForeverserenity for Fabulously Curvy Blog

However, I am learning to love myself more everyday and appreciate who I am. It is sometimes hard to feel that you are good enough because of the un-realistic standards of Society. There are so many demands on us as individuals, where race, gender and size plays a major role in how we feel about who we are. This is why it is so important for us to love ourselves. We must be authentic, meaning to learn who you are, what your likes, dislikes, and even your quirks are. Then you go about your daily life being who you are, living as honestly as possible, being yourself. You do not take shit from anyone, yet you respect life and everything it offers. That is living life authentically. Find what you admire most about yourself and love that person looking back at you in the mirror. And if Society and these designers cannot see the beauty in the many representations of women that are out there, then that is their loss! Let us go forth and find our own styles, and those who will do for us the way we want, or create for ourselves! We should take our self confidence to the next level of self-love.
In the article linked below, written in 2010, and still so relevant today, Journalist for the Washington Post Robin Givhan discussed the size of plus size models in the fashion industry, asks who is really plus size, and states that the conversation will begin again pondering about the sizes of models and whether they are big enough, or too small to be plus size because of upcoming Fashion Weeks, and particularly because of one of the Magrags I like to read, W Magazine feature, "The Size Issue" where their plus size model featured is a size 12! Yes curvy divas, again, still a size 12! We have heard this all before haven't we? Take a look at the article linked below, and let me know your thoughts.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Window Shopping Part Deux - What I Chose

As you know from my last article, I went shopping for swimsuit with my teen Mandi and ended up doing the same for myself. After all, I was in need of a new bathing suit. My last purchase for one was from Target eight years ago! And also during that time, I was the lucky recipient of two new suits from my BSFFL (Best Sister Friend For Life) who visited from Europe! So Those have lasted quite a long time!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Window Shopping: The Swimsuit & My Curves

It has been a while since I bought a new bathing suit.  I don't like to do it.  You  know why?  Because much like shopping for Jeans, in fact, shopping for anything to fit my curves can be challenging! I was in the store because I went swimsuit shopping for my teen daughter.  For her a one-piece will not do.  It must be a two piece!  I feel her and totally understand!  Youth, oh youth - I too had a two-piece when I was 18 and I did get a lot of attention in it!


Saturday, June 18, 2016

Curvy Looks: What I Wore In a Week

I like reviewing my Style-looks to see how my fashion has progressed, what clothing I intend to keep during my #Showmeyourcloset make over (more on this soon) and also just in case I have to re-think my style strategy when in work-mode.

There are good days when my looks are on pointe, and those moments when I wonder what the heck was I thinking with a look that I wore! That may have happened to you as well at times curvy divas?! You know, when the clothing you wore makes you go...WTF?!  This was not how I envisioned this look. I can't wait to get home to take it off!lol! Been there, done that so many times! haha

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Moments in Time

I had every intention of updating my blogs today after not having done so since last Monday.  I stopped because I was so emotionally distraught by the acts of one individual who committed crimes against innocent people who were going about their business and living their lives.  


Monday, May 30, 2016

Live, Love, Laugh on this Memorial Day

Today marks the unofficial start of summer dear readers. However, It is most important to remember that it is Memorial Day. A day to honor the memories of those who have served and died for all of us to live free here in the USA.

Some may choose to gather around with family, friends and other loved ones and partake in activities in their own ways to honor these memories.   It is also a time when many of us will take the time to just stay low and hang at home doing projects, and catching up on lost times with those we love!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Curvygirl Makeup: Love Your Color Pencils

I love make up and even more, I love wearing bold eye colors! It is a way I choose to define my eyes and that gives me a bold sense of confidence.  
#MakeupTutoria Layered Eyecolors
Two-toned Layered Eye colors

I recently posted a short video greeting on the Fan Page a week ago, and I was wearing a bold two-toned eye color makeup; and I mentioned that I had layered the colors on my eyelids.  One of our fans wanted to learn how to do this so I created a video #MakeupTutorial and posted it to our fan page.

The Results

The makeup you use can be any brand that you love.  The pencils I used are from the brand Sephora, their Urban Decay line….LOVE them!  I am posting two photographs, AKA “Selfies” which are the results from my video tutorial. 

Go check out the video on our fan page and let me know do you like makeup color pencils?  Would you wear two eye makeup colors at once?

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